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Property Management

The typical role of "property manager" with most real estate companies is that of a necessary but unprofitable evil. As a result, the management function is frequently relegated to a low priority and is handled with little knowledge or skill.

At Mather Capital we realize that real estate only reaches its full potential through superior cost conscious management. That is why our property management gets top billing at our company. It is the foundation upon which our reputation is based, and it is the basis for our extraordinary investment returns.

With two decades of experience with income producing properties, Mather Capital has developed the solution to many real estate problems. The practical knowledge acquired from the purchase and maintenance of over fifteen hundred apartments has resulted in Mather Capital's accumulation of valuable experience in the multi family housing industry. Acquiring the same types of properties, performing the same types of capital improvements, and instituting the same intensive property management, we have refined our operations and perfected marketing strategies to lease properties rapidly. Indeed each new project seems to benefit the last. Our highly trained staff are experts on concentrating on each detail that can increase revenues or reduce expenses and ultimately increase cash flow and asset value. Our intensive approach to management has proven to be highly effective in turning underperforming properties into market winners.

Lenders and investors alike have learned from experience that our commitment to management excellence creates value for their rental properties. We are a performance focused company and our focus never waivers. Our attention is directed towards the owners we serve with the assurance of high occupancy rates, satisfied residents, and properties maintained in top physical condition. Our management services include:

  1. Community Association (condominium) management
  2. Professional on site management
  3. Hiring and training all managers and employees
  4. Marketing
  5. Processing payroll
  6. Leasing
  7. Resident screening
  8. Rent collection
  9. Budgeting
  10. Property maintenance
  11. Expense control
  12. Eviction
  13. Debt collection
  14. Accounting
  15. Reporting
  16. Property rehabilitation
  17. Feasibility studies
  18. Pre-development consultation
  19. Receiverships
  20. Property tax analysis and appeals
  21. Claims negotiation
  22. Business plan development
  23. Real property development

Working with us, you will soon discover the expertise and success upon which our reputation is based. We believe that the key to quality client service is based upon trained and motivated personnel. Our success and reputation are the direct result of many highly talented professionals who represent a broad range of knowledge and skills. Our policy is to employ experienced, energetic and creative individuals who take pride in their work and enjoy the challenge of achieving maximum profitability for those we serve. If you are considering hiring a new property management team, we would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss how we might help you to achieve your goals.

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